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One to one piano lessons can be taken at The Music Box on a weekly basis for either 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins dependent on grade/level.  Students may be offered the opportunity to sit graded exams with The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and are encouraged to take part in concerts and class recitals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or book your trial lesson online.

 Piano lessons    
Theory of Music   

We encourage all students to study music theory.  Although the basic elements of music theory are taught as part of the weekly piano lesson, some students prefer to take weekly theory lessons particularly during the build up to the all important grade 5 theory exam. Lessons are offered for either 30 mins or 60 mins dependent on grade.


Performance Club   

We now offer a weekly performance club where students can get together and play for one another. It's a great opportunity to socialise, build confidence and practice essential performance skills. Members of the club can attend as few or as many performance clubs as they wish. Book online or contact us for further details.


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